Privacy Policy

Confidential information of the customers is the main concern of ( as a family treat the information in a confidential manner.

Privacy Policy includes

Recognition is one of the main important factors to maintain the privacy. All the financial and personal affairs are safeguarded by us. Users could have the confidence that we treat our customers and maintain their data in a secured manner. Our commitment for the protection of financial information is also followed by certain principles and practices.

What purpose the information is used to

Your account and data is protected and the accounts are administered.

All the policies are applicable with laws and the regulations.

This information helps to make the products designed in a better way and to improve the service that is provided.

We comply with the laws and regulations that may govern the services.

All the documents which proves your identity is mandatory.

How data is kept accurate

Data are made accurate and protected. All the employees are given strict instruction to adhere to the goal. Even though some of the procedures are provided by the government to make the data accurate we have also implemented several measures to make this more clear. If you feel that there is any kind of incorrect information, you can update the information and remove the old ones. Your feedback can be send to us through an email and we can take necessary steps to correct the same. All the employees are educated to protect the privacy of the employees and strict actions are taken if any violation is done on such practices. We opt for the security practices that are the best and prevent unauthorised access to such kind of information.

Privacy policy is the way that is used to understand the commitment towards the customer. We expect you to understand our privacy policy so that we can provide a good customer service