Cooler and air conditioner for camping

The cooler which are used for camping purpose are for this purpose only which has a heating pump which is in a solid state and the heat transfers from one side of the device to other by the help of electricity which also depends on the direction of current flow. The camping electric cooler which creates heat flux between a junction of any two different materials is called a thermo electric cooler

Working of the cooler:

Normally in the camping electric cooler the hot side is placed with heat sink to keep the entire device in the ambient temperature while the colder side is at the room temperature. In special options like multiple coolers are cascaded to maintain the lower temperature. This entire process has involvement of the three major thermoelectric effects. The technology is called as Peltier effect in which the device has twin sides in which electricity will flow inside the device from which the heat come from one side and other side gets cooler while one side gets hotter.

Thermo coolers benefits:

The advancement of technology has added that heat may be incremented or decremented by accurate control of the amount of electrical intake. The thermo cooler are used instead of the refrigerators which becomes more cost effective and environmentally friendly as the refrigerators show significant impact on the environment.  No movable equipment’s are required for movement no mechanical wear and failure instants are less in the coolers no mechanical vibrations and fatigue due to vibrations are lesser in the coolers. Life spans are good as the cooler are less in the maintenance

Air conditioner Systems:

The refrigerant which are present in the cooling system create the heat from the space and make it cooled despite it is fixed outside. The kitchen refrigerators and the air conditioner in the recreational vehicles have the same principle of working the cooling effect is way higher though. The rv air conditioner has a unique feature of reducing the humidity of the closed place too.

Technology in the air conditioners:

The filter will be exposed to air by the fan where heat exchange takes place. In rv air conditioner  which has a technology in which it consumes less amount of current and very light in weight. The roof mounted unit has a system of water to be vaporized and collected in a filter and later the cooling effects takes place. In thecompressor the liquid gas in the through the pipe system and the gas make it as the evaporator in this process it takes heat from the vent from the outside once the heat is taken in the cycle will start and the cooling effect will start with the cycle.


The cooler and the air conditioner are good form of the temperature maintenance systems as they can maintain the overall temperature of the closed surroundings and controls the heat and humidity of the environment.