Interesting Things You Should Know About Charleston South Carolina

Interesting Things You Should Know About Charleston South Carolina

The largest city in South Carolina is steeped in history and Southern charm. Yet, this city is also modern in a distinctive way with various foodie-approved restaurants and a performing arts-scene. Here are few interesting things you may not know about this city.

• In the year 1663, the king of England, King Charles II awarded Carolina territory to 8 of his loyal friends that had assisted him in regard to regaining his throne after he spent many years in exile. Later in the year 1670, the very 1st expedition sailed over the Atlantic and went onto establish the 1st settlement that they called Charles Town. This name held until the American Revolution came to an end, when the victorious colonists decided to change this name to Charleston.

• The Cooper and Ashley Rivers, that border on the historical central district of Charleston are named after one man, Anthony Ashley Cooper who was formally known as 1st Earl of Shaftesbury who was one of King Charles Lord Proprietors. He is also the same man who chose the Charleston location.

• Charleston happened to be a target for pirate attacks on a frequent basis. In 1718, Edward Teach who went by the name Blackbeard attacked various ships that attempted to enter into the harbor. He also captured hostages which was followed by ransoming these people for a medicine chest.

• In the year 1761, 2 tornadoes which barreled down the Cooper River and Ashley River, converged over the Charleston harbor. This combined twister was so powerful that one of the witnesses stated that “it ploughed the Ashley River to the bottom and lay the channel bare.” 4 people died, and 5 ships sunk.

• In the year 1776, the colonists holed themselves up in the makeshift fort situated on Sullivan’s Island where they traded fire with 9 British warships trying t conquer Charleston. This battle lasted for many hours, yet the palmetto logs of Fort Sullivan held up, and eventually the attackers retreated.

• These efforts staved off the British occupation for 4 years and became the symbol for the American resilience. They went onto rename the site Fort Moultrie to honor the commander.

• One of the other famous forts in this city did not do as well. In the year 1861, the Confederate forces fired the first shots in the Civil War on Fort Sumer, located in Charleston Harbor. Mary Chestnut a writer, stated that the locals watched this 24-hor spectacle in a Southern fashion by watching from their porches and toasting to this event.

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