tile flooring in Tuscaloosa, AL

Choose from various colors and designs to help you reach your design goals.

It is necessary for your floor to tolerate the daily grind of high heels, overly eager dogs, and even carting your dirty laundry out of the house, among other severe challenges. If you’re looking for high-quality tile flooring in Tuscaloosa, AL, Russell S. Lee Flooring America is the place to go. In addition, they provide a comprehensive selection of reputable brands from today’s major manufacturers. See you at the showroom when you’re ready to find the perfect surfaces for your next home improvement project. You’ll be able to grab all the knowledge of the distinction between wearing and scratching must be developed to prevent injury. Wearing is a condition in which the glazed surface is thinning and finally wears away completely. Scratching is the result of a tougher material scratching the glazing, causing damage to the surface.

While underfloor heating is easily accessible for the majority of flooring options, the heating system’s efficacy depends on the thermal conductivity of the flooring material. A high level of conductivity guarantees that the floor warms up more quickly emits more heat, and is more energy-efficient to operate. As a result, tiles are the most suitable flooring for use with underfloor heating. Experts in-store will assist you in locating and comparing possibilities and assisting you in selecting the tile material that best meets your requirements. In addition to advising you toward the most appropriate design for your particular budget, the team will also do a tile flooring installation to guarantee that your new floors are a great match for your home.


One of the most significant advantages of tiles is that they are impervious to these very destructive pests: termites would be unable to consume a tile even if they tried to. A selection of ceramic, porcelain, and slate tile alternatives are available at the flooring shop, and they are available in several color schemes, sizes, and tile shapes. By blending various ceramic tile colors, you may create a stunning and one-of-a-kind mosaic design in any area of your home.