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How Long Is Open Heart Surgery Recovery?

Open heart surgery is one of the most commonly used procedures by heart care experts for the treatment of diseases related to this vital body organ. Generally, the walls of the chest are opened through this surgical process so that the requisite procedure may be carried out on the heart. This type of surgery has been used by surgeons for a long time so that patients may be able to recover from certain underlying heart problems. Once the surgery is performed on the heart or other body organs and parts, the patients need some time to recover and return to normal life. Many people question how much time it takes to recover from open-heart surgery. Well, it may vary from patient to patient as well as several other factors as discussed below.

Age Of The Patient

As far as recovery from mitral stenosis surgery or open-heart surgery is concerned, the age of the patient has a great role to play in it. The age of the patient the more time it will take to get recovered completely. It means people who undergo this surgery in old age may need more time to recover as compared to young people. It is due to the reason that the healing process is also delayed with age.

Overall health and physical built-up

Of course, the overall health of the patients before the surgery also has a direct impact on the recovery period. Patients that are in a good state of health and mind may recover quickly in contrast to those who have certain other health issues too. Likewise, the physical build-up of the patient is also a determining factor. Patients with normal body types may recover speedily compared to obese people.

Response Of Body To Surgery And Medications

The way the body responds to surgeries and medications varies greatly in different people. Some people’s bodies may give a quick response and hence early recovery is expected in such cases. On the other hand, the response process and in turn the recovery may be slow in some other cases.

History Of Other Heart Diseases Or Illnesses

People undergoing mitral stenosis surgery or open-heart surgery may recover based on their history of other heart issues or illnesses. People who have experienced some other heart issues or diseases may need more time to recover completely following open-heart surgery.

In general, the patients need to wait for at least six to eight weeks before they may return to routine life activities following open-heart surgery. However, in some cases, the time taken for recovery may be even more attributed to many factors.