Shift to a Smarter Age of Marketing- the growth of Digital Marketing

Emergence of Digital Marketing

With a growing focus on digitalisation, several industries have undergone a change, including the Marketing and Advertising Industry. In the earlier days, it was quite common to see advertisements in the newspaper, posters, banners, television commercials and magazines. However, now with more and more people spending most of their time online on social platforms and other websites, their exposure to the traditional advertising and marketing mediums have decreased. To cope with the shift of trend, the Marketing and Advertising Industry is now focusing on online platforms.

What is Digital Marketing?

Currently, the domain of Digital Marketing is one of the most sought-after career and skills augment courses. However, it is essential to understand what Digital Marketing exactly is before choosing it as a career option. Digital Marketing deals with the promotion of services and products on a much larger platform which we call the ‘Internet.’ The Digital Marketing experts conduct studies on the data pattern and trends found on the Internet and form strategies to target a specific section of the audience. It can be said about Digital Marketing being a blend of data studies, technology, and advertisement strategies.

Digital Marketing has a greater range compared to traditional Marketing Strategies. For example, advertisements on television can be found during commercial breaks in-between shows. However, a Digital Marketing advertisement can be placed anywhere on an online video platform page without blocking or interrupting the video itself. Also, viewers can choose to view an online advertisement or skip it, which provides the companies with the data on the market response to an advertisement. Digital Marketing employs a variety of strategies, such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Blogging, Social Media Marketing, etc., to effectively generate traffic for a website and essentially sell a product.

Courses on Digital Marketing

With growing interest in Digital Marketing as a career choice, several courses on Digital Marketing have emerged as well. Students can find free or paid online courses to teach them the basics of Digital Marketing, which cannot be learned during work. Google and HubSpot are among the popular online platforms that offer free courses and a certification upon completion. Some of the online platforms offer specialisation courses as well. The SEO Training Course teaches students how to generate website traffic organically by targeting the data pattern of searches and keywords. The courses are available to all students who have completed their undergraduate education, and most of them don’t even require that.

The duration of most of the online Digital Marketing certification courses is around three months or less. However, some of the management colleges in India may offer longer BBA and MBA courses with specialisation in Digital Marketing. Students are free to select whichever course suits them the best.

Challenges of Digital Marketing

The biggest challenge of Digital Marketing is training individuals on the way of Digital Marketing. It is not possible for employers to train their staff on the basics of Digital Marketing. Furthermore, basic training increases the expenses of the company and takes up a lot of time. However, this issue is easily remedied by enrolling students in a digital marketing course.

Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing

As a career option, the field of Digital Marketing has witnessed a growth in demand over time. Although the field of Digital Marketing is relatively new and needs more research, pursuing a course in this field certainly boosts an individual’s career options. Additionally, it has been noted that individual’s with certified training in Digital Marketing are offered better salary packages. Due to the ever-growing demand for individuals with digital marketing training and not having enough individuals with proper training, pursuing a course in this field can pave the way to better career growth and opportunities in leading companies.